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Your Hand Hewn Beam & Fireplace Mantel Source!

JH Yoder Timbers provides every customer with professionally crafted custom wood products. We specialize in reclaimed barn beams, timber beams, as well as new hand hewn beams for wooden fireplace mantels. Browse through our site to see some of our other products. We have crafted custom barn beam mantels for years and will do so for many years to come!

You might ask: why choose JH Yoder Timbers when so many other companies provide similar products? Well, when customizing a product with us, you will feel as if you are our only customer from day one. We understand and appreciate the importance of maintaining a strong reputation and we achieve that by treating all customers with tremendous attention and care. Furthermore, we offer product shipment across the United States.

Contact JH Yoder Timbers today to learn more about our products and how you can customize and purchase your own solid wood fireplace mantel today. You can reach us by phone at 330-646-3511 or by email at ccalderone34@gmail.com!

Terms we use, that you should know.

Checks – the natural occurring cracks as the wood ages and drys over time.
Mortise – a rectangular cavity that has been chiseled into a beam to receive a tenon. Used in mortise and tenon joinery.
Tenon – the projecting end of a beam for inserting into a mortise to make a joint.
Peg – a wood dowel used to fasten the mortise and tenon joint together.
Hand-hewn – the original process used to convert a tree into a beam using a hand axe.
Waterborne polyurethane — provides a rich, even finish with good durability.
Catalyzed lacquer — a durable topcoat finish. It is highly resistant to chemicals and to heat.


Any beam can be cut to a shorter length for no additional charge. Once a beam is cut, it is not returnable.
If you would like a beam finished that has not been finished there will be a $50 to $75 charge depending on mantel size.
If you would like to have the back notched out for mounting purposes there will be a $40 charge to $60 charge depending on mantel size.
Steel straps for mounting are $5 each.
If you would like a beam planed smooth, there will be a $40 to $60 charge.

We add beams to the site as we get them cleaned and ready to mount. If you are looking for a specific beam size or species of wood, please email me.

We value your business. Every time you shop with Amish Wood Works we will work with you to make sure you are satisfied.

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