Custom Made Mounted Fireplace Mantels


Mounting your new mantel is a fairly simple project.

There are two basic ways to mount the beam depending on the construction of your fireplace. The first method is mounting a mantel where there will be stonework surrounding the fireplace. The second method covers mounting your beam by attaching it to a 2 by 4. Both methods are described below.

We will be glad to answer any additional questions you may have about mounting your new mantel. Please feel free to email us with any further questions.

Mounting a beam with stonework

Mounting MantelsIf you are mounting a mantel where there will be stonework laid later, we recommend that you use steel straps on your mantel. We have steel straps available for mounting. Please inquire if you would like to purchase these from us. These straps are predrilled with holes every 2 inches.

The steel straps are screwed to the back of the beam, with one hole extending below the beam and 2 to 3 holes extending above the beam. We suggest that you use one strap per 25 pounds (ie: 4 straps for a 100 pound beam).

Locate the wood framing on the wall and attach straps using 3 to 3 1/2 inch screws.

Hint: To keep from burying your mantel in the stone, you can build out the back of your mantel by adding a 2 by 8 board to it. Then you would attach the straps to the 2 by 8 and mount as described above. This allows more of the beam to protrude above your fireplace. The stonework then goes around the mounted mantel.

Mounting on Brick or Drywall

Mounting Mantels Brick or DrywallThe back of your beam should be notched out to fit on a 2 by 4. Your mantel can be ordered this way, if it has not been notched out already.

Locate on your wall, where you want your mantel to rest and mount a 2 by 4 on the wall. The entire weight of the beam will be on the 2 by 4, so be sure that it is well secured.

Place your mantel on the 2 by 4 and screw from the top of your mantel down into the 2 by 4. We suggest using 3 to 4 screws from the top and 2 screws from the bottom up.

For brick or any masonry use mason screws plus construction glue to mount the 2 by 4 on the wall.