White Pine Beam Mantels

Made to your specifications!


We also have hand-hewn, new wood beam fireplace mantels available for sale. We offer a variety of colors and textures at reasonable prices, so you can customize these white pine beams to your specifications.
White Pine Beams - Hand Hewn

You have 2 choices in hewing.

Custom-White-Pine-Beam-Mantels-2The top beam on the right shows an example of a NEW hand hewn beam with markings from the axe. The bottom beam is hand hewn without axe marks. You can expect some additional checking within the first year or two.

We offer 4 color choices. The color may vary slightly depending on the beam itself, since no two beams have exactly the same qualities.

The photo below on the left shows the choices for the white pine. From the left side, they are dark chocolate, rustic walnut, driftwood and golden honey.

Custom-White-Pine-Beam-Mantels-3Please email or call for prices on the mantel size that you need for your fireplace. Our custom mantels can be ordered in ANY size.

The Custom Pine Mantels are reasonably priced for those on a budget and can be made up and shipped within a week of ordering.



New colors just added!  Below on the left is Aged Mahogany and  Smoked Oak.

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